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Rafting in nepal – best rivers for himalayan whitewater trips october 4, 2014 many people come to our himalayan nation for mountain views and trekking, but if you miss out on rafting in nepal, you have missed out on at least one of the “ world’s best rafting rivers. Nepal rafting service and information nepal has a good reputation to be the best place in the world for rafting and kayaking nepal's mountain scenery has drawn trekkers as well as climber for many years. Nepal rafting is no doubt the second most sought outdoor thriller after trekking the most popular and adventurous sports rafting is a creative and outdoor activity done in fast flowing riversnepal is a fast-flowing rivers paradise which offers such a choice of rafting or kayaking in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm rivers, a.

Based at the foot of the himalayan mountains, nepal is blessed with an awesome variety of rivers simply put, we live in a whitewater enthusiast’s paradise with some of the best rafting adventures on the planet. Rafting in nepal the rushing rivers of nepal are emerging from himalayas it flows through mountain region to plain area the mountain steep really makes river rafting possiblewe have many very good rushing rivers , which are making possible for rafting in nepal bhotekoshi rafting. Normally nepal is all about mt everest and trekking in the himalayasbut did you ever pause a moment and think about nepal's rafting tours if you're going rafting in nepal, you will be up for some of the best river rafting trips in the world. Nepal is one of the famous countries for white water rafting there are an adventure and non-adventure water rafting according to the flow of the river and the season rafting in spring into any rivers is non-adventure rafting and rafting in summer is more challenging and adventure.

Nepal rafting trips nepal is a river runner’s paradise no other country has such a choice of multi-day trips away from roads, in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm rivers, a semi-tropical climate, impressive geography, exotic cultures, wildlife and friendly welcoming people. Nepal trekking in himalayas company offer you karnali river rafting this is one of the best rivers rafting in the world this magnificent river originates from mt kailash in tibet karnali river literally means holy water from the sacred mountain. Bhote koshi is another popular river for whitewater rafting in nepal, originates in the tibetan plateau from where it flows down steep gorges to southern nepalnaturally, the landscape it flows through is rugged, adding thrills to the rafting trips bhotekoshi river is a tough ride with class iv and class v rapids.

Rafting star is white water rafting company, we operate all kinds of rafting adventure package in all river of nepal 977-01-4413901, 977-01-4414127, 977-9741171702 rafting in nepal is ever most popular and awesome outing adventure which attracts many paddlers from all over the world learn more. The rafting in these rivers will be interesting to do as the fast flowing of these rivers will provide the great circumstances for the rafting in nepal the rafting at these rivers can be differentiated with the time basis where we can find the short rafting to long rafting. Nepal is one of the best places in the world for whitewater rafting, which isn't that surprisingly when you consider they have some of the tallest mountains in the world it truly is an adventurer's paradise. Himalayan river operator provides you with various options viz, family and school rafting trip, a single day rafting trip, personalized river rafting trip and a rare river rafting expedition in nepal one of the least attempted and non-commercial too. Nepal is the best destination for whitewater rafting trips in the world it has more than a dozen rafting rivers that are located in beautiful natural settings giving you a journey of a lifetime.

Rafting in nepal rafting is the unadulterated method for a protracted venture on the stream to come to be your adrenaline driving to a novel tall nepal has certain of the finest streams for propelling. Home » nepal » adventure activities in nepal » rafting in nepal for people wishing to have fun with rafting, nepal is the perfect place because of it's fast flowing, beautiful and powerful rivers rafting will be the perfect fun to make your heart feel happy and enjoyable. Charaundi to simaltal the trishuli river, being the most easily accessible, rafting trip on this river can be made for a varied durations, depending upon the availability of time and interest. Rafting in nepal himalayan river fun pvt ltd, it is a rafting company owned by a team of young nepalese rafting professional and river guides since 1997 from the year of its establishment, company is serving good and we are proud to say that it is one of the leading rafting operators in nepal since of company opened we are offering a day. Originating from the langtang himal, a trip on the trisuli river enjoys scenic valleys, terraced rice fields, and impressive gorges with exciting and fun, but not overly challenging whitewater.

Nepal, country of himalayas contains several rivers suitable for white water rafting adventure rivers can be categorizes by its hard to soft flows of water (rapids) and we offer numerous numbers of packages depending upon choice of rafting lovers. Bhotekoshi river rafting the bhote kosi is regarded as one of the best short white water rafting trips in the world bhote mean river from tibet which is the main branch of the sun koshi it is the steepest river that is rafted in nepal. Rafting in kali gandaki – grade 4+ whitewater adventure in nepal the kali gandaki rafting trip offers the ultimate in advanced whitewater challenges and spectacular scenery as it plunges down between the rugged walls of a massively deep canyon.

  • Rafting in nepal is some is the highlight of their stay in nepal the waters in nepal offer something for everybody: grade 5-5+ rivers with raging white water rapids for the adventurous, to grade 2-3 rivers with a few rapids for novices.
  • Rafting in nepal nepal is ideal destination for rafting as various rivers here crush down from high himalayas it is the best mode of natural entertainment if you are planning something really thrilling and exciting.

Rafting in nepal with mighty rivers flowing from the majestic mouth of the himalayas, it is no surprise that nepal is one of the top rafting destinations in the world. Whitewater adventures nepal is one of the well known and leading whitewater rafting/kayaking and trekking companies with registered businesses in both nepal and australia. Rafting in nepal is a unique way of traversing nepal’s geographical setting and rich culture whatever desire for adventure, it is easy to find the perfect river in nepal whatever desire for adventure, it is easy to find the perfect river in nepal.

rafting in nepal Rafting in nepal | nepal rafting package in the event that you are searching for a thrilling white water rafting then nepal is the best goal for thrilling boating exercises the different himalayan rivers will extinguish your boating thirst with the gutsy white water rapids and eventually presents amazing adventurous tour in nepal moments the.
Rafting in nepal
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